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Having Contract Management support next to your contract.

The Guide on files allows you to review your contract against its Example Contract and to get all comments on each article. Click on the clauses you want to check, jump between contract text and the advice on how to read, what to think of, risks, tips, advice and check that everything needed is there.

The guide helps you “First to understand, then to be understood”.

If you still want live support or discuss something, we offer ways of providing advice no further away than an e-mail. Check the book and imagine what it can do if turning alive!

The Guide is available on Amazon Kindle (Exclusive right) as an eBook and as a Paperback. (“Contract Management”) .
To make the Guide available for your contract management department or for any contract manager, it can be provided also as files for making your PC your contract management support. (Terms and conditions apply).


New Book

The headline above is a quote by Stephen R. Covey. It is a “spot-on” illustration of what Contract Management is about. It also explains why I have written and soon will publish the;


Now it is published on Amazon both as an e-book and as a paperback (printing on demand).  The book includes the three parts:

  • the “Guide” which discusses and explains the contract and what to consider
  • the Example contract  
  • a PowerPoint presentation with a short introduction to Contract Management 

The guide comment on each Article in the Example Contract and on Appendixes. In the eBook, it is possible to jump by click directly to a certain article from the Content page by hyperlinks.

ASIN: B08WBVL6N1 eBook 

ASIN: B08WJY7VW9 Paperback 



This is comprehensive, practical, and “hands-on” help for all Contract Managers and all other persons with a need to understand what the contract really says and how to understand it. To draft a contract, to read a draft, and to negotiate it, here you can find Article by Article (or clause by clause) what to look for, and get an understanding of why and how.

By using it you will gain from other contract manager’s experiences. A good thing is that it is not a book you must read from A to Z, it is a guide you can use from time to time and pick what you need at that moment or for the coming negotiation. And to check a contract before signing it to make sure it serves its purpose.


has a few pages where Contract Management and the contract are discussed in general. It includes a presentation giving a basic understanding of Contract Management. The main content is a “Step by Step” guidance discussing all articles in the Example Contract. Appendixes are listed and discussed (but without content, just as a check and example of what to use appendixes for). To make a contract well-structured and easy to read and manage, the appendixes and the structure are essential. A Contract is not only the “Body of Contract” it is the whole package referred to and defined as the Contract. The more things are mixed into the same document without structure, the more difficult get it right. 


Written as a real contract but includes more Articles/chapters than normally needed for a special purpose contract. These 62 Articles are listed in a clickable table (only eBook version) of content so it is easy to jump to what you want to check rather than reading through all pages.

This Guide is now available on Amazon Kindle as an eBook and as a Paperback.  If you are interested in having the “Guide” as PC files, open for copying to all your contract responsible persons, send us a mail and we will offer you a solution that does not conflict with the Amazon exclusive rights. For less than 30 Euro or 35 USD, you will get full and comprehensive information on what the contract is or shall be about. It will help you even when negotiating, just read about the clauses or similar ones and find both suggestions and warnings.   

After Covid


After Covid

Lockdown and then?
Less office – more online

I am not sure the world economy will see such dramatic change as many expect due to Covid 19. But Covid 19 will sure be the TRIGGER for a long period of big changes in business life.

Environmental concerns together with the Covid 19 experience will start a rethinking of old truths regarding production and distribution of products. And thereby how we do business. It may not be as obvious that it is cheaper to produce in China than in Europe if applying new risk models for “just in time” and “comparative advantages”. Even without Corona a change of economy, change of work life, employment models etc have for some years been waiting behind the corner to take advantage of the new IT environment (5G is one) and combine it with a new and still developing approach to work, where to work and how to be paid for it.  .


Will the world economy collapse?


Do we need to see a dramatic change in living standard? No, I don’t think so, neither due to Corona, nor due to environmental concerns. Yes, we will see changes but rather of how to measure living standard than how to experience it.  But if the world economy will collapse? It will not, it will change and as all changes it will temporarily cause problems but also ignite new thinking – and this is exactly what is needed to adapt to the time we are in already.  This is why I see the present pandemic as a TRIGGER for a change, not the driver for a change.


Changes will come – 2020 Contract Management goes online!


2020 is the year we will realize that Contrat Management will move online.  80-90% of the work can be done online, little travel but the whole worlds expertise available at your PC/Smartphone.
All tools are there, for instance blockchain technic, to make the whole process from offer to fulfillment of Contracts online. But don’t forget, human meetings cannot be totally replaced by faces or words on monitors. We need to meet face to face to understand the phsycology of business. Most of the Contract Management however, don’t require physical meetings more than occationally. “Hybrid solutions” can do it. Advice online to persons meeting physically.


And the Stock Markets, up or down?


Today’s Stock Market is not only driven by fundamentals, it is a AI (or as I have called it in an earlier post, AS) controlled play where the overall moves in the day trading is rather a function of the big “Market Makers” co-operative and controlled efforts rather than the underlying values. If trading or even investing in the stock market can produce a higher revenue than other investments, the general move will be up. This is valid as long as we have no other view on what is profitable than the revenue measured in money. Environmental concerns will perhaps help finding changes to this.
An important question is whether the world economy will go down, up or being stable.  Not easy to find an answer to that because it depends on how we define it. And as we are entering a new era(?), old definitions may not be relevant any more. If for instance all countries in the world will support their businesses with new printed money, will this make the economy to go up or down? How about inflation? If USA print USD to a value of 10% of its GNP to support the society and all other countries do the same, this must in reality mean that the balance between the countries economic systems will remain the same and thereby a Dollar have the same relation to a Euro as before. And there is no absolute price on anything so what?

It would be very exciting to hear our economic scientists discuss this very simplified view of the world economy after Covid 19 and into the next decades.