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Thanks for all comments!

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The site is made in WordPress, Jupiter. Not easy for an amateur like me to customize….. I am honored if someone want to steal something from it, but please quote the source if using text.

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Lockdown and then?

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We are now witnessing a world in lockdown, business closed and a stock market all around the worls runned by algoritms instead of fundamentals. Artificiel Intelligence (AI) or Artificial Stupidity (AS) ?

The world, and particularly the business will not be the same after Covid 19 as before. Combined with growing environmental concerns we will see at least the start of something new. “Comparative advantage”, “Just in time” and a lot of other new or old truths will be applied differently (or not at all), “Local production and supply” will take over again and imagine what impact this will have. Just think of a change where components are not manufactured in China but in USA and Europe.

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What has this to do with “online” services?

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A lot, both manufacturing and services will benefit from international networks, 5G is triggering a revolution and will have a huge place in the “rebuilding” of world economy. With that in mind and a further comment of the Stock Markets, the Algoritms don’t understand the future of Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei and all other tele- and datacom companies, they will all be the most important facilitators for the “new” world economy.

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Changes will come – 2020 Contract Management goes online!

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2020 is the year we will realize that Contrat Management will move online.  80-90% of the work can be done online, little travel but the whole worlds expertise available at your PC/Smartphone.
All tools are there, for instance blockchain technic, to make the whole process from offer to fulfillment of Contracts online. But don’t forget, human meetings cannot be totally replaced by faces or words on monitors. We need to meet face to face to understand the phsycology of business. Most of the Contract Management however, don’t require physical meetings more than occationally. “Hybrid solutions” can do it. Advice online to persons meeting physically.

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A Happy and virus free Easter to All!